Java Language Keywords

Here's a list of Java's keywords. These words are reserved–you cannot use any of these words as names in your Java programs. “true”, “false”, and “null” are not keywords but they are reserved words, so you cannot use them as names in your programs either.

“abstract” “double” “int” “strictfp” &&
“boolean” “else” “interface” “super”
“break” “extends” “long” “switch”
“byte” “final” “native” “synchronized”
“case” “finally” “new” “this”
“catch” “float” “package” “throw”
“char” “for” “private” “throws”
“class” “goto” & “protected” “transient”
“const” % “if” “public” “try”
“continue” “implements” “return” “void”
“default” “import” “short” “volatile”
“do” “instanceof” “static” “while”

% indicates a keyword that is not currently used

%% indicates a keyword that was added for Java 2


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