abort() Abort Process and Return Error

abs() Calculate Absolute Value of Integer

absread() Read Disk Sectors

abswrite() Write Disk Sectors

access() Check File Permission Setting

acos() Calculate Arc Cosine

alloca() Allocate Memory Block on Stack

allocmem() Allocate DOS Memory Segment

asctime() Convert Time from Structure to String

asin() Calculate Arc Sine

assert() Diagnostic Message Generator

atan() Calculate Arc Tangent

atan2() Calculate Arc Tangent of y/x

atexit() Register Exit Function

atof() Convert String to Double

atoi() Convert String to Integer

atol() Convert String to Long

bdos() Invoke DOS Function, Short Form

bdosptr() MS-DOS System Call

bioscom() Communications I/O

biosdisk() Hard Disk / Floppy I/O

biosequip() Check Equipment

bioskey() Keyboard Interface

biosmemory() Return Memory Size

biosprint() Printer I/O

biostime() Return the Time of Day

brk() Change Data-Segment Space Allocation

bsearch() Perform Binary Search

cabs() Calculate Absolute Value of Complex Number

calloc() Allocate and Zero Memory

ceil() Calculate Ceiling of Value

cgets() Get a Character String from the Console

chdir() Change Current Working Directory

chmod() Change File Permission Setting

_chmod() Change Access Mode of File

_clear87() Get and Clear 8087/80287 Status Word

clearerr() Clear Error Indicator for a Stream

close() Close File

_close() Close a File Handle

coreleft() Return a Measure of Unused Memory

cos() Calculate Cosine

cosh() Calculate Hyperbolic Cosine

country() Return Country-Dependent Information

cprintf() Formatted Write to Console

cputs() Write a String to the Console

creat() Create a New File

_creat() Create a New File

creatnew() Create a New File

creattemp() Create a New File or Rewrite an Existing One

cscanf() Read Formatted Data from Console

ctime() Convert Time from Long Integer to String

ctrlbrk() Set Control-Break Handler

difftime() Find the Difference between Two Times

disable() Disable Interrupts

dosexterr() Get DOS Extended Error Values

dostounix() Convert Date and Time to UNIX Time Format

dup() Create Second Handle for Open File

dup2() Reassign a File Handle

ecvt() Convert Double to String

enable() Enable Interrupts

eof() Test for End of File

exec…() An Overview of the Eight Exec Functions

execl() Execute Program Using: Arg List

execle() Execute Program Using: Arg List, Environment

execlp() Execute Program Using: Arg List, PATH

execlpe() Execute Program Using: Arg List, PATH, Environment

execv() Execute Program Using: Arg Array

execve() Execute Program Using: Arg Array, Environment

execvp() Execute Program Using: Arg Array, PATH

execvpe() Execute Program Using: Arg Array, PATH, Environment

exit() Terminate Process after Cleanup

_exit() Terminate Process without Cleanup

exp() Calculate Exponential

fabs() Calculate Absolute Value of Floating-Point

farcalloc() Allocate Memory from Far Heap

farcoreleft() Return Measure of Unused Memory in Far Heap

farfree() Free a Block from Far Heap

farmalloc() Allocate Memory from Far Heap

farrealloc() Adjust Allocated Block in Far Heap

fclose() Close a Stream

fcloseall() Close All Open Streams

fcvt() Convert Double to String

fdopen() Open a Stream Using a Handle

feof() Detect Stream End-of-File (Macro)

ferror() Test for Error on a Stream (Macro)

fflush() Flush a Stream

fgetc() Read a Character from a Stream

fgetchar() Read a Character from Stdin

fgets() Read a String from Stream

filelength() Return File Length

fileno() Get File Handle Associated with Stream (Macro)

findfirst() Search Disk Directory

findnext() Fetch Files That Match findfirst()

floor() Calculate Floor of Value

flushall() Flush All Streams and Clear All Buffers

fmod() Calculate Floating-Point Remainder

fnmerge() Make New File Name

fnsplit() Split a Full Path Name into Its Components

fopen() Open a File

FP_OFF() Get or Set Offset Portion of a Far Pointer (Macro)

FP_SEG() Get or Set Segment Portion of a Far Pointer (Macro)

_fpreset() Reinitialize Floating-Point Math Package

fprintf() Write Formatted Data to Stream

fputc() Write a Character to a Stream

fputs() Write a String to Stream

fread() Read Unformatted Data from Stream

free() Deallocate Memory Block

freemem() Free a Previously Allocated DOS Memory Block

freopen() Reassign a File Pointer

frexp() Get Mantissa and Exponent of Floating-Point Value

fscanf() Read Formatted Data from Screen

fseek() Reposition File Pointer to Given Location

fstat() Get Information about Open File

ftell() Get Current File Pointer Position

fwrite() Write Unformatted Data to Stream

gcvt() Convert Double to String

geninterrupt() Generate Software Interrupt

getc() Read a Character from a Stream (Macro)

getchar() Read a Character from 'Stdin'

getch() Get a Character from the Console without Echo

getche() Get a Character from Console with Echo

getcwd() Get Path Name of Current Working Directory

getenv() Get a Value from the Environment Table

getpid() Get Process ID

getcbrk() Get Control-Break Setting

getcurdir() Get Current Directory

getdate() Get Date

getdfree() Get Disk Free Space

getdisk() Get Current Drive

getdta() Get Disk Transfer Address

getfat() Get File Allocation Table Information

getfatd() Get File Allocation Table Information

getftime() Get File Date and Time

getpass() Read a Password

getpsp() Get the Program Segment Prefix

gets() Read a Line from 'Stdin'

gettime() Get System Time

getvect() Get Interrupt Vector Entry

getverify() Get Verify State

getw() Read an Integer from a Stream

gmtime() Convert Time from Long Integer to Structure

gsignal() Software Signals

harderr() Establish a Hardware Error Handler

hardresume() Hardware Error Handler Function

hardretn() Hardware Error Handler Function

hypot() Calculate the Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle

inport() Input from Hardware Port

inportb() Input from Hardware Port

intr() Alternate 8086 Software Interrupt Interface

int86() Execute 8086 Software Interrupt

int86x() Set Segment Registers and Execute Software Interrupt

intdos() Invoke DOS Function, Long Form

intdosx() Set Seg Regs and Invoke DOS Function, Long Form

ioctl() Control I/O Device

isalnum() Test for Alphanumeric Character (Macro)

isalpha() Test for Alphabetic Character (Macro)

isascii() Test for ASCII Character (Macro)

isatty() Check for Character Device

iscntrl() Test for Control Character

isdigit() Test for Digit

isgraph() Test for Printable Character Except Space

islower() Test for Lowercase

isprint() Test for Printable Character

ispunct() Test for Punctuation Character

isspace() Test for White-Space Character

isupper() Test for Uppercase

isxdigit() Test for Hexadecimal Digit

itoa() Convert Integer to String

kbhit() Check Keyboard Input Buffer for Character Waiting

keep() Exit and Remain Resident

labs() Calculate Absolute Value of Long Integer

ldexp() Convert Mantissa and Exponent to Floating Point

lfind() Linear Search for Key

localtime() Convert Time from Int to Structure–Local Correction

lock() Set File Sharing Locks

log() Calculate Natural Logarithm

log10() Calculate Base 10 Logarithm

longjmp() Restore Program State

lsearch() Linear Search for Key; Add Key If Not Found

lseek() Reposition File Pointer to Specified Location

ltoa() Convert Long to String

malloc() Allocate Memory Block

matherr() Handle Math Error

_matherr() Floating-Point Error Handling Routine

memccpy() Copy Characters from Buffer

memchr() Find Character in Buffer

memcmp() Compare Characters from Two Buffers

memcpy() Copy Characters between Buffers

memicmp() Compare Characters in Two Buffers

memmove() Move a Block of Bytes

memset() Initialize Buffer

mkdir() Create a New Directory

MK_FP() Make a Far Pointer

mktemp() Create a Unique File Name

modf() Split Floating Point into Mantissa and Exponent

movedata() Copy Characters to a Different Segment

movmem() Move a Block of Bytes

open() Open a File

_open() Open a File For Reading or Writing

outport() Output to a Hardware Port

outportb() Output to a Hardware Port

parsfnm() Parse File Name

peek() Examine Memory Location

peekb() Examine Memory Location

perror() Print Error Message

poke() Store Value at a Given Memory Location

pokeb() Store Value at a Given Memory Location

poly() Generate a Polynomial from Arguments

pow() Calculate X Raised to the Yth Power

pow10() Power Function

printf() Write Formatted String to Stdout

putc() Write a Character to Stream

putchar() Write a Character to Stdout

putch() Write a Character to the Console

putenv() Create New Environment Variables

puts() Write String to Stdout

putw() Write an Integer to Stream

qsort() Perform Quick Sort

rand() Get Pseudorandom Integer

randbrd() Random Block Read

randbwr() Random Block Write

read() Read Data from File

_read() Read Data from a File

realloc() Reallocate Memory Block

rename() Rename a File or Directory

rewind() Reposition File Pointer to Beginning of Stream

rmdir() Remove a Directory

sbrk() Reset Break Value for Calling Process

scanf() Read Formatted Data from Stdin

searchpath() Search the DOS Path

segread() Return Current Values of Segment Registers

setblock() Modify Size of DOS Memory Segment

setbuf() Control Stream Buffering

setcbrk() Set Control-Break Setting

setdate() Set MS-DOS Date

setdisk() Set Current Disk Drive

setdta() Set Disk Transfer Address

setftime() Set File Date and Time

setjmp() Save Program State

setmem() Assign a Value to Memory

setmode() Set File-Translation Mode

settime() Set System Time

setvbuf() Control Stream Buffering and Buffer Size

setvect() Set Interrupt Vector Entry

setverify() Set Verify State

sin() Calculate Sine

sinh() Calculate Hyperbolic Sine

sleep() Suspend Execution for Interval

spawn…() An Overview of the Eight Spawn Functions

spawnl() Execute Program Using: Arg List

spawnle() Execute Program Using: Arg List, Environment

spawnlp() Execute Program Using Arg List, PATH

spawnlpe() Execute Program Using Arg List, PATH, Environment

spawnv() Execute Program Using Arg Array

spawnve() Execute Program Using Arg Array, Environment

spawnvp() Execute Program Using Arg Array, PATH

spawnvpe() Execute Program Using Arg Array, PATH, Environment

sprintf() Write Formatted Data to String

sqrt() Calculate Square Root

srand() Set Random Starting Point

sscanf() Read Formatted Data from String

ssignal() Implement Software Signals

stackavail() Return Size of Available Stack Memory

stat() Get File-Status Information on Named File

_status87() Get 8087/80287 Floating-Point Status Word

stime() Set Time

strcat() Append a String

strchr() Find a Character in a String

strcmp() Compare Two Strings, Case Sensitive

strcmpi() Compare Two Strings, Case Insensitive

stricmp() Compare Two Strings, Case Insensitive

strcpy() Copy One String to Another

strcspn() Scan One String for Another

strdup() Duplicate String

strerror() Save System Error Message

strlen() Get String Length

strlwr() Convert String to Lower Case

strncat() Append Specified Number of Characters to a String

strncmp() Compare n Characters of Two Strings, Case Sensitive

strnicmp() Compare n Characters of Strings, Case Insensitive

strncpy() Copy a Specified Number of Characters

strnset() Initialize n Characters of String

strpbrk() Scan String for Character from Character Set

strrchr() Scan String for Last Occurrence of Character

strrev() Reverse Characters in String

strset() Set All Characters in String

strspn() Find First Substring

strstr() Find Substring

strtod() Convert String to Double

strtol() Convert String to Long Decimal Integer

strtok() Finds Next Token in String

strupr() Convert String to Uppercase

swab() Swap Bytes

system() Execute DOS Command

tan() Calculate Tangent

tanh() Calculate Hyperbolic Tangent

tell() Get Current File Pointer Position

time() Get Current System Time as Long Integer

toascii() Convert 'c' to ASCII Character

tolower() Convert 'c' To Lowercase, If Appropriate

_tolower() Convert 'c' to Lowercase

toupper() Convert 'c' to Uppercase, If Appropriate

_toupper() Convert 'c' to Uppercase

tzset() Set External Time Variables, Environment Variables

ultoa() Convert Unsigned Long to String

ungetc() Push Character Back onto the Stream

ungetch() Push Back the Last Character Read from the Console

unixtodos() Convert Date and Time to DOS Format

unlink() Delete a File

unlock() Release File-Sharing Locks

va_arg() Access Variable Number of Arguments, ANSI C Style

vfprintf() Write Formatted Data to Stream

vfscanf() Perform Formatted Input from a Stream

vprintf() Write Formatted Data to Stdout

vscanf() Perform Formatted Input from Stdin

vsprintf() Write Formatted Data to String

vsscanf() Perform Formatted Input from String

write() Write Data to a File

_write() Write Data to a File

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